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Etang de Mont: Rules

  • Each swim must have a boat - you may bring your own boat or hire one at the venue
  • Bait boats are allowed
  • No swimming
  • Micro barbed hooks only
  • NO carp sacks
  • NO bent hooks
  • NO braided mainlines
  • NO peanuts
  • NO leadcore
  • Rig tubing is preferable and rig checks will he conducted
  • 4 rods per angler - anglers fishing alone may fish with a maximum of 3 rods only
  • Alcohol and drug abuse will not be tolerated
  • Dogs are allowed
  • Marking or stealing of fish will be reported to the police
  • Departure by 10 am, arrival at 2 pm
  • You will he asked to read sign and accept the rules on arrival.

Enjoy your stay